St. John Catholic Church Releases Redesigned Website

On December 18, 2019 St. John Catholic Church formally released their newly designed website. This new website displays an updated easy-to-use interface and allows for viewing on both mobile phones and desktop computers. The website includes information on our church's liturgical ministries, parish ministries, our school, and information about our church and what we believe. It is the hope that this new website allows more members of the community to easily find information about our parish.

Additional features of the new website include:

  • Weekly Mass Intentions

  • Daily Readings

  • Weekly Bulletin (past 4 weeks kept online)

  • Online Parish Calendar

  • Information on our Pastors and Deacon

  • Information on Liturgical Ministries ... alter servers, sacristans, music ministry, alter care, extraordinary ministers of communion, ministers to the sick, etc.

  • Parish Ministries: faith formation, youth ministry, adult ministry, women's ministry, Knights of Columbus, home-bound ministry, etc.

  • Mobile App / Member page (free)

  • Blog

St. John Catholic Church is excited for the potential this new website holds.

If you have any questions on how to navigate, find, or use something on our new website, please contact us through our contact page, by calling or e-mailing, or by messaging us on Facebook!

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